Contact information

Oulun Autovuokraamo Oy is located at Oulu Rusko. Kuusamo
"motorway" is only about 200 meters away and a distance to
the center of Oulu city is 7 kilometers. We are next to Ojan

Phone: 040 9658037
Email: info(at)
Pickup and return address: Tapsitie 5, 90630 OULU
Driving guide to us

North road Kuusamo road for about 5 km, at junction 6 Rusko,
Winter Cloth. Rusko suuntaan.Ensimmäisistä lights apsitielle.
Oulun come to the right direction and the direction of Kuusamo
directly. Tapsitietä 50 m to the right of the ditch Iron Commercial
real estate. Immediately to the left and Lunch Cafe Cherry
adjacent to the entrance door 2 layer.
Making reservation

Reservations can be made by reservation requeste form, phone 
040 9658037 or email info(at) Your can see
our real time booking situation from reservation calendar.
Pickup and return address

Oulun Autovuokraamo Oy
Tapsitie 5
90630 OULU