This page contains information about renting a car, moving
and other hints how to work with a rent car.

We hope that this make renting more easier !
Moving takes time

Moving preparations like a packing should be started days before actual moving day. If you have a lot of things to move it is good to ask help  
in good time. Also reservation of a moving car should be made weeks before moving day.

A small apartment move could be made in 4 hours in same city, but normally 4 hour is not enough. We recommend that you a make longer van  
reservation even for small moves, so that you can avoid an extra hassle and broken valuables. For bigger house moves its good to reserve 24  
hours or more.

At long moving distances breaks are important especially if the driver is not experienced driver. It is also good to notice that driving noise is  
bigger in van than in modern passanger car.

Also it is good to get dressed suitably and driving breaks should be hold time to time. Its also good to know that moving is sometimes  

Moving things with avan is normally much faster than with trailer.

Distance estimations

Our estimation about moving kilometers:

• Oulu - Tornio - Oulu 300 km
• Oulu - Kajaani - Oulu 400 km
• Oulu - Vaasa - Oulu 700 km
• Oulu - Lahti - Oulu 1100 km
• Oulu - Turku - Oulu 1400 km
• Oulu - Helsinki - Oulu 1400 km

While making driving distance estimations you should calculate two way kilometers. Also it is good to calculate some extra kilometers from  
city area driving and gas station search. Tools for driving distance estimations: google maps ja eniro.

You should also take into consideration that all things may not fit at the same load, and then kilometers can accumulate significantly more  
than planned. This happens quite often within towns and cities move, when things are not properly packed.

Movers checklist

• Packing equipment (boxes, padding, tape, marker pen, teippi, tussi, plasting covers)
• Other tools: load bond, hand truck, glovers
• Aparment cleaning tools
• Address change notification and post cards

Car heater at winter time
Out temperature
Electric heater
0... - 5 °C
0,5 - 1 tuntia
10 - 15 min
- 5... - 10 °C
1 - 2 tuntia
15 - 20 min
- 10... - 40 °C
2 - 3 tuntia
20 - 30 min